Friday, November 11, 2011

Psalm 16 - Therefore

There's something I left out of my last post about Psalm 16 because I felt like it was a significant enough thought to stand alone and not be buried among other musings.  It's a relatively simple idea based on the word, "therefore."

Therefore is a transition word that not only signifies a switch from one thought to another, but also shows causation.  The following thought is caused by the previous thought.  "I forgot to study.  Therefore I failed the test."  "I forgot to put away the leftovers.  Therefore my dog thought it was acceptable to climb on the table and eat them."  Or, you could read those backwards.  "I failed the test because I forgot to study."  "My dog climbed on the table because I forgot to put away the leftovers."

So, when I get to verse 9, I think the same way.  "My heart is glad and my tongue rejoices" because of whatever is mentioned previously.  So, what is mentioned in the preceding verses?

  • Verse 1 - "I take refuge."  I act.  I have an entire post that talks about this idea of taking refuge.  
  • Verse 2 - I recognize that "apart from [God] I have no good thing."
  • Verse 4 - I do not worship false Gods.
  • Verse 5 - I recognize God as "my portion and my cup."  I admit that He is everything that I need to sustain me.
  • Verse 6 - I praise the Lord because he counsels me.
  • Verse 7 - "I keep my eyes always on the Lord."  My focus is unwavering.
THEREFORE "I will rest secure."

I will rest secure because I keep my focus on God, praise Him, accept His counseling, recognize that he will sustain me, do not worship other gods, realize that apart from God I have no good thing, and take refuge.

Taking refuge, recognizing God's power and provision, praising Him, and keeping my focus on Him will allow me to rest secure.

I think I'm just going to let that sink in for a little while.

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